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Astro Bot VR (Playstation 4) PS4.jpg

Astro Bot - Rescue Mission (Playstation VR)

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is the best VR game to date. It's a 3D platformer with many similarities to super mario world with plenty of challenges and adventures in unique worlds. 25+ levels and is well worth the price.

Astro Bot VR (Playstation 4) PS4_1.jpg
PlayStation VR with Camera and VR Worlds

PlayStation VR with Camera and VR Worlds Game (V2)

I recently purchased a Playstation VR (V2) bundle with the VR worlds samples game during the black friday sales. I waited 2 years for the price to come down and will say that now is a great time to buy with various bundles available and the games library is now expansive and with great price ranges. The headset is extremely comfortable and easy to use once the equipment is setup. 

Playstation VR Headset_2.jpg
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VR Worlds (Playstation VR)

The Playstation 'VR Worlds' is a collection of 5 small games - The London Heist, Scavengers Odyssey, Danger Ball, VR Luge and Ocean Descent. All 5 games are a showcase for what the Playstation VR is capable of. It's a fun way to introduce first timers to the playstation VR.

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